center (plural centers)

  1. (geometry) The point on a line that is midway between the ends.
  2. (geometry) The point in the interior of a circle that is equidistant from all points on the circumference of the circle.
  3. (geometry) The point in the interior of a sphere that is equidistant from all points on the surface of the sphere.
  4. (geometry) The point in the interior of any figure of any number of dimensions that has as its coordinates the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all points on the perimeter of the figure.
  5. A place where some function or activity occurs.
    shopping center
    convention center
  6. A topic that is particularly important in a given context.
    the center of the controversy
    the center of attention
  7. (basketball) The player, generally the tallest, who plays closest to the basket.
  8. (ice hockey) The forward that generally plays between the left wing and right wing and usually takes the faceoffs.
  9. (American football) The person who holds the ball at the beginning of each play.


  • (point on a line midway between the ends): midpoint
  • (point in the interior of figure with mean coordinates): centroid, center of gravity, center of mass

6 letters in word "center": C E E N R T.

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cee cent cere cerne cert cete cree ctene ee een en ene enter er ere erect ern erne et eten ne nee net nete re rec ree reen ren rent rente ret rete te tee teen teer ten tene terce tern terne tree treen

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